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Dr. Annick Nago-Adjei is a petroleum engineer by profession. She holds a PhD in Petroleum engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, and has been in academia and in the oil & gas industry for close to 10 years.

Writing has always been a passion of hers and she has decided to put together this space to share her experience, her journey and her lessons learned about her faith in God and life in general. It is her desire to see this blog encourage many in their journey with God and be motivated and inspired to keep moving forward despite the challenges of life.

Dr. Annick Nago-Adjei is originally from the Ivory Coast. She is married to Rev. Emmanuel Adjei, who is currently the lead pastor of Prayer Palace in Accra, Ghana and founder of EA Outreach Ministries, which has impacted more than 28 nations with the JERICHO annual conferences. They are parents to two wonderful daughters.