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  • Jesus, Our Ultimate Hero: My testimony; Jésus, Notre Héros Ultime: Mon témoignage

    Jesus is our ultimate help. He is our ultimate rescue. He is our ultimate relief.  Often, He is waiting for all else to fail, to show up and show us His power. He is waiting for all our attempts to fail to  remind us that there is nothing too hard for him.
    Jésus est notre aide ultime.  Il est notre ultime  secours.  Il est notre soulagement ultime.  Souvent, il attend que tout le reste échoue pour se manifester et nous montrer sa puissance.  Il attend que toutes nos tentatives échouent pour nous rappeler qu’il n’y a rien de difficile pour lui. 

  • No longer slaves! Nous ne sommes plus des esclaves!

    See, maturity in Christ also means learning to grow tough skin. Don’t let yourself fall into the traps of the past. See it from afar and choose to look the other way.
    Vous voyez, la maturité en Christ signifie aussi apprendre à développer une peau dure. Ne vous laissez pas tomber dans les pièges du passé. Voyez-les de loin et choisissez de réagir différemment.

  • If only they knew…,Si seulement ils avaient su…

    People may have written you off, but God is about to write you in. People may have turned their back on you, but God is about to welcome you with open arms. They thought they were doing you harm. If only they knew, the more they hurt you, the more they pushed you into your destiny.
    Des gens vous ont peut-être critiqué, mais Dieu est sur le point de vous écrire. Des gens vous ont peut-être tourné le dos, mais Dieu est sur le point de vous accueillir à bras ouverts.  Ils pensaient qu’ils vous faisaient du mal.  Si seulement ils savaient, plus ils vous faisaient du mal, plus ils vous poussaient vers l’accomplissement de votre destinée.

  • The art of malleability! L’art de la malléabilité!

    Don’t let life’s circumstances oppress you.  You can adapt to every situation, keeping your eyes on the promise set before you.
    Ne laissez pas les circonstances de la vie vous opprimer.  Vous pouvez vous adapter à chaque situation en gardant les yeux sur la promesse qui vous est faite

  • Excess baggage! Excédent de bagages!

    We have become comfortable with unfinished business, because it’s easier to pretend it never happened, than to try to get to the root of it.
    Nous sommes à l’aise avec les affaires en suspens, car il est plus facile de prétendre que cela ne s’est jamais produit que d’essayer d’aller au fond des choses.

  • Get ready to Shift! Préparez-vous à transférer!

    See, our perception about life is extremely important. You can choose to always see the glass half empty or you can see it half full. You can choose to remain a victim and see everybody as your enemy including God himself, always complaining about why bad things seemingly only happen to you or you can choose to learn from each trial and to keep moving forward regardless. I believe this is one of the secrets in Joseph’s ability to rise to the throne. See, as a servant in Potiphar’s house, Joseph gave his best, as prisoner, he continued to give his best. Joseph chose to shift his focus from “what got him” there to “what can I do here” and soon, breakthrough came for him.

  • Called, but Conflicted! L’Appel Conflictuel!

    See, it takes a lot of courage to be on one path and suddenly realize that you need to make a drastic change. The caveat is: there is no answering the great call, without great sacrifice. We all have that little fire burning within us, that voice that tells us to go after it, but we have gone so far out in our current lives that we often wonder how can I turn around now?

  • He is the Purifier…Il est le Dieu Purificateur

    For in my weaknesses, He made me stronger. In my failures, He made wiser and in my victories, He made me closer to him.

  • The “reset” experience! Quand Dieu appuie sur “reset”!

    I love this time of the year, because it’s a moment that many believers use to turn back to God and receive strength and direction for the months ahead. See, the word says: Commit your work to the Lord ,… Read More ›

  • All I want for Christmas…, Mon voeu pour Noël…

    I believe with the fulfillment of one’s purpose on Earth also comes the sense of “divine rest”, where the vicissitudes of life don’t move you