9 things every woman should know before getting married! 9 choses que chaque femme devrait savoir avant de se marier!

Hearing so many women asking questions on marriage and relationships, I wanted to chimp in few thoughts around the topic. Now, I would like to set the context. I am no way or form a marriage counselor, nor am I an expert in marriage. What I will share here, engages only me and everyone is free to agree or disagree.

en voyant tant de femmes se poser énormément de questions sur le concept du mariage, j’ai voulu partager quelques réflexions sur le sujet. Maintenant, je voudrais définir le contexte. Je ne suis ni une conseillere matrimoniale, ni une experte en mariage. Ce que je vais partager ici n’engage que moi et chacun est libre d’être d’accord ou pas.


We live in a world of comparison. From human beings to organizations, we are taught to always look around and compare ourselves with peers, contemporaries, competitors to see how we position ourselves and adjust if necessary. This wonderful process is… Read More ›

Called, but Conflicted! L’Appel Conflictuel!

See, it takes a lot of courage to be on one path and suddenly realize that you need to make a drastic change. The caveat is: there is no answering the great call, without great sacrifice. We all have that little fire burning within us, that voice that tells us to go after it, but we have gone so far out in our current lives that we often wonder how can I turn around now?